Here are some of the feedback from my clients.

M.O.さん 【Permanent Residence: In-Canada Sponsorship】

My wife found Aya’s website through recommendations and a google search. At the time my partner and I weren’t married yet and we were trying to figure out how to move back to Canada.

My partner got in contact with Aya and we were able to have a skype session where Aya really helped us understand my partners visa options moving forward. We decided that we would consult with her again later once we had decided on the path we would take.

Fast forward a couple of months and my partner and I decided to get married. So, we began the visa application process with Aya.

Through out the process Aya made it very clear what we needed to do and prepare for the application, she was extremely knowledgeable regarding Japanese and Canadian laws, and is very personable. This was really important for my wife and I because she was working a full-time in Japan at the time we started,and I was a full time student in Canada.

Aya made the process a lot easier for us and saved us a lot of stress! Following Aya’s advice, our application went smoothly! My wife and I are very happy with the service that Aya provided!

N. H.さん 【Permanent Residence: Sponsorship Outside of Canada】

I found Aya’s website through a simple google search. At that time my Japanese husband and I were living in Tokyo but we wanted to move back to Canada.

Our first contact with Aya was through a Skype session. She was friendly, professional, and had in-depth understanding for the different routes one can take to obtain permanent residency in Canada. She recommended what was best for our situation and we began the process.

I think hiring Aya was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. She and her team kept constant communication in English and Japanese which made my husband and I feel reassured and comfortable throughout this process. It also took a lot of pressure away from my husband and I as he was still working a full time job in Tokyo while I was dealing with different processes in order to leave Japan.

She is knowledgeable regarding Japanese and Canadian laws, documentation and requirements which I believe makes her stand out as an immigration consultant.
From the beginning she has been honest and up-front about what to expect and already has a plan if any potential challenges might arise.

We were so happy that my husband’s application went smoothly. We are truly grateful to Aya for uniting our family together under such short time.

M.M.さん 【Permanent Residence: In-Canada Sponsorship as Common-law】

Aya was recommended to me by an Estonian friend who said she had an exceptional experience working with Aya. My partner Daniel and I applied for Permanent Residency via the Spousal Sponsorship within Canada stream as I’m from Estonia and he is Canadian.

I came to Canada 7 years ago to study at the University of Toronto with a Study Permit. Following graduation, I applied for a Post-Grad Work Permit and began working full time. As soon as I received it, I began researching the next steps to become a Permanent Resident. I knew that I would need help with figuring out which route to take and after getting a recommendation for Aya, I went for a consultation. She was so open and honest about my options and ensured me that she could help me with the application process. Daniel and I visited Aya for another consultation before retaining her to help us with the two year process of applying through the Spousal Sponsorship program.

We gathered documents to prove our relationship for a year. When we went for out application meeting with Aya, we were so happy to hear that with her guidance we were able to submit the application that day. No need to add any more information to the large stack of documents.

Aya continued checking in and sending me information about my application whenever she received any kind of news. The application process went very smoothly. When I finally received the call from Aya a year after we submitted our application with the news that my Permanent Residency had been approved, my day was made! Aya walked me through the final steps and followed through after I had officially landed as a Permanent Resident.

We both highly recommend Aya. Aya is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, trustworthy, very focused on details, responsive to emails, reliable and wonderfully friendly. Aya made sure that we fully understood every element of the application and prepared us for each step along the way.

Thank you Aya, for making immigration feel less intimidating and for all your help!

H.K.さん 【Permanent Residence: Express Entry】

Ms. Aya Kawakita provided professional and prompt support throughout my entire Express Entry PR application process. She provided the guidance and reassurance that I was looking for and needed to successfully complete my application.

I initially came to Canada for post-secondary education (4 years) and it was during the latter half of university that I began to think about the possibility of staying in Canada by pursuing permanent residency. I worked full-time in Canada upon graduating and as soon as I had one year of work experience, I proceeded to create my own Express Entry account. After realizing that my Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score was not high enough to receive the Invitation to Apply for PR, I decided to apply to the Human Capital Stream through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee program. After two failed attempts (the first time, I failed to submit my application by the deadline; the second time, I had a missing document) and realizing that my Post Graduate Work Permit was also nearly expiring, I decided to seek professional advice from Ms. Kawakita.

When I first met Ms. Kawakita, she was very friendly and I felt comfortable explaining what had happened. She was professional and upfront about what to expect from her and what she expected from me. As it was not easy for me to visit her office, Ms. Kawakita kept me informed and provided quick, thorough replies to all of my questions via email. Additionally, I appreciated how Ms. Kawakita pointed out parts of the application that required close attention to detail, as well as, how she shared tips that made the application process smoother. Overall, I felt very thankful for the reassurance that Ms. Kawakita provided throughout this important process.

As a brief timeline, we submitted a new EE profile in November 2016 and I received an Invitation to Apply one month later. We submitted my application documents in early March 2017 and then applied for a Bridging Open Work Permit in April (Ms. Kawakita also helped me with this process). I was contacted by CIC to submit additional documents in June and then I received the “Confirmation of Permanent Residency” in July. Due to personal plans, I was not able to process the CoPR right away; however, I managed to do so about one month later. I then received my PR card in October. Even with delays due to personal reasons, the entire process took less than one year.

Thinking back to my decision now, I am so glad that I sought immigration advice from Ms. Kawakita. The guidance and reassurance I received was worth it.
Thank you Kawakita-san for all of your help!

P.P.さん 【Permanent Residence: In-Canada Sponsorship】

Aya K. Immigration Services Inc. helped us a lot in obtaining my wife’s permanent residency.

We thought the application was going to be a very long process, but through Ms. Kawakita’s methods and strategies , my wife was able to obtain her permanent residency 6 months after submission.

Ms. Kawakita is careful and confident in her work and she ensures that nothing is missed. Her proficiency in both English and Japanese language and her dedication to our application, and her knowledge with the Japanese documents helped both me and my wife understand, answer the application forms and produce the required supporting documents efficiently.

She is very trustworthy and we certainly would recommend her to anyone who needs support with their immigration application.

A.M.さん 【Permanent Residence: Express Entry】

Ms. Kawakita had been an amazing source of support during my PR application.

I initially came to Canada for post-secondary education, and ended up residing for quite a number of years. During that time I had applied for study and work permits (and re-applications) on my own. In retrospect, I think I managed it only because I knew I could go to the support systems at the school if there were any issues.

So I graduated university and college, and miraculously wound up with a job (though it was contract work at the time). It was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss, and when I was sure that I wanted to stay and work in Canada in an industry I was passionate for, I realized I was lost for directions. There was no one I could rely on for help or information, and frankly, I didn’t know where to start this whole ordeal.

When I first met Ms. Kawakita, she outlined the PR application process in a very organized, straight-to-the-point manner. She explained that in my case, the first thing I needed was to become a full-time worker. I definitely felt at ease with a specific set of directions.

And when I had enough hours as a full-time worker under my belt, I visited Ms. Kawakita again. It had been quite some time since our first meeting, but she was friendly and sincere, and it felt as if we’d just met the week before. But even in her kindness, I vividly remember her strictly telling me to go take the IELTS ASAP when I told her I hadn’t yet. It was the hard nudge I needed to get focused on my PR application – not that I wasn’t before, but I lacked that sense of urgency. Ms. Kawakita’s sharp, unbiased assessment of my situation, and the speed at which she laid out the best course of action, renewed my trust in her. I was certain that I wanted her support through the application process.

So with a new perspective, I took the IELTS, got the preliminary paperwork sorted, and was able to get my Express Entry profile set up as fast as possible.

I received the Invitation to Apply only about a month after I took the IELTS. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting thing to move so quickly.

So the next three months was spent frantically running around to gather all the necessary documents on time. I could have been easily overwhelmed with the sheer number of things that had to be done. But Ms. Kawakita clearly laid out all the instructions, and was always there to answer my questions no matter how trivial they were – and I was able to keep a level head against the ticking clock.

Ms. Kawakita is kind and reassuring, but also very realistic and pragmatic about what could be or should be done. She was incredibly reliable for her professional knowledge, but at a personal level, it meant a lot that someone really understood my situation when I have very few friends that share a similar experience.

Thank you, Ms. Kawakita, for your sincere support and guidance. I honestly couldn’t have gotten through this without you!

S.T.さん 【Permanent Residence: In-Canada Sponsorship】

Aya K. Immigration Services Inc. has done a great job helping my spouse to obtain permanent residency in our inland spousal sponsorship case.

We decided to retain Aya as our representative because we need a certified immigration consultant who can communicate with us in both English and Japanese fluently. Also, her knowledge of Japanese registry and legal system is invaluable to our complicated case which involved previous marriages and unaccompanied dependent. Although the application process was tedious and stressful, and many extra documents were requested by CIC; Aya and her assistant have been giving us clear instructions, sound advices and constant updates along the way. We believe that their work efficiency and attention to details in handling our case are some of the reasons for the success of our application.

P. L.さん 【Permanent Residence: Sponsorship Outside of Canada】

When my wife and I got married and began the process of applying for her permanent residency in Canada, I’d heard stories of people doing all the paperwork by themselves without need of consultants or lawyers. Since I was not completely unfamiliar with legal documents, having studied related materials briefly in University, I figured I could probably do the same. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was in a bit over my head. While I was somewhat familiar with the Canadian legal system, I was a complete fish out of water when it came to the Japanese legal system. I consulted several immigration lawyers and found that they were similarly unfamiliar with the Japanese legal and record keeping system. A simple example: they would request my wife’s birth certificate without realizing that there is no such thing as a Japanese birth certificate – the Japanese government’s record keeping system does not issue birth certificates. This left both other consultants and lawyers at a loss as to which documents were indeed required in lieu of a non-existing Japanese birth certificate.
Through several friends, I was recommended to Aya K. Immigration Services. The advantages were immediately obvious. To list a few:
– Communication could be done in English, but also in my wife’s native Japanese, which gave each of us a high sense of comfort and confidence in filling out the numerous required documents.
– Aya’s experience as an immigration consultant and familiarity with the Japanese system and required documents allowed her to explain to us exactly what was needed.
– Aya’s personal work ethic and strategy of building the strongest possible case before submission created, in our case, a smooth process that did not require any interviews or interrogation from immigration agents, and with minimal to little delay in processing, thus creating zero additional or unforeseen costs.
– Having Aya take on our case freed up a significant amount of much needed time for my wife and I to enjoy our very important first year of marriage together, and focus on other issues that required our attention in order to build a strong foundation for a long-lasting and happy relationship.
Aya clearly takes pride in her work: using her own personal name in her business demonstrates that she is literally putting herself on the line whenever she takes on a case. If you make the good decision to work with Aya, expect an approachable professionalism that is driven by a clear passion for providing quality service. I’m happy to say that thanks to Aya’s services, we have been able to expediently close this chapter in our lives and so can look forward to moving on to the next.

A. R.さん 【Permanent Residence: Sponsorship Outside of Canada】

Aya was very good at outlining from the beginning what documentation and level of detail we needed when applying for my wife’s Canadian permanent residency.  Because of her insight, we were able to get everything we needed to apply together quickly, and it only took 2 months for my wife to get her permanent residency after we applied! If you want to avoid a lot of the prolonged back and forth between Immigration Canada as a result of needing to provide more evidence/documentation, or incorrectly answering some of the more ambiguous questions and/or components of the application process, Aya is a trustworthy immigration consultant who will guide you every step of the way.

E. W.さん 【Permanent Residence: Express Entry】

I highly recommend Aya’s service to anyone looking to get their paperwork done the right way! I admire Aya’s integrity in handling information and her organization skill. Herself and her assistant Rieko always stay on top of things if not go above and beyond when handling my case.

We worked together for my Express Entry Permanent Residence Application: Canadian Experience Class. I came to Canada by myself in fall 2011 as a student, graduated 2 years after and have been working in Toronto ever since.

We started the application process in around May 2015; I received the Invitation to Apply in June and the Confirmation of Permanent Residence in October of the same year. For personal reason I had to delay the landing process until early January 2016 and finally received my Permanent Resident card in February 2016 (roughly 6 weeks process).

Aya& Rieko has helped me made the process painless and quick as she is very organized. I also found Aya’s service fee to be reasonable, she was always very transparent and clear about her terms & conditions, hidden charges were never my concern. She was also familiar with legal practices which made me and my employer comfortable in sharing confidential information.

Thank you Aya& Reiko for helping me to make this happen J I will see you again when I’m applying for my citizenship!

S. A. & R. A.さん 【Permanent Residence: Sponsorship Outside of Canada】





Every time we had questions regarding to process, Aya was pretty quick and concise with her answers.

After we handed in all papers, we felt that we had done everything we could with Aya’s guidance.

If you are worry about getting VISA, I would highly recommend hiring Aya. We would like to thank Aya and Rieko so much for giving us a peace of mind while waiting for my wife’s Visa to be processed.

P.N.さん【Permanent Residence: Canadian Experience Class】

That was my lucky day when I met Aya Kawakita. I had some strenuous experiences before in dealing with Immigration Canada when I was applying for the Work Permit and especially when I was trying to extend it. It was both time consuming and nerve wrecking.

My professional life is quite busy and demanding. When it came time to apply for a Permanent Residency, I decided, I have to find someone professional and reliable to help me. And I did! I found Aya! I couldn´t wish for a better immigration consultant. She is extremely quick, correct, clear and concise. She knows the law and keeps an eye on all the amendments (and there were many since Aya took my case). She is also a very easygoing and friendly person, so that going through all the formal procedures never felt too formal. It was always pleasure to deal with her and meet her. And I felt safe, I knew I was in good hands.

Everything became even better when she got an assistant, Rieko, who is as nice and professional as Aya. And now, after 3+11 months, my Estonian community here in Toronto can be sure that I will not leave them anytime soon. I can keep serving the community and do the work I love.

Thank you, Aya and Rieko! Good luck to you! I am pretty sure, I will not stay your only Estonian client for long 🙂

E.B.さん【Permanent Residence: Canadian Experience Class】

The services provided by Aya K. Immigration Services Inc. have been beyond phenomenal! Aya was a tremendous help in being able to get my Permanent Residence in Canada. My case was particularly complicated, with a visa- pending status situation. Before meeting with Aya, I had spoken to other consultants who told me that either I was not eligible to apply for Permanent Residency or they didn’t think I should take the chance to do so.

In my first meeting with Aya, I could tell that she had already done her research on my case and on my situation. She knew the details of my case and without hesitation started moving forward with my PR application. She had all the information I needed to know firsthand and was able to answer all of my questions, doubts and concerns with certainty and accurate/supporting information. From the very first moment she confirmed my case was eligible and that I should apply for my Permanent Residency with no doubt. Since the beginning she provided me with confidence and with the strong belief that I was completely eligible to apply for my Permanent Residency and that my current situation would be resolved, which it did in the end. And this was the supporting representative that I needed and that I was looking for. Someone who could show me they knew their field and could be honest with me, providing me with all the available options I needed.

What impressed me the most about Aya was that she was always able to give me the guidance I needed during this difficult and sometimes stressful time as well as kept me informed with all information coming from CIC at all times. She was constantly available either through email or phone, and she was always well informed and well organized in all matters regarding immigration. I couldn’t have found a more qualified and more professional immigration consultant than her and I am so glad I did!

Aya was at all times the only person who truly believed in my case since the very start and put all her efforts, with a strong sense of urgency, to get all my paperwork together for permanent residency in a very short time.

Aya works in a team with her personal assistant who is extremely helpful and reliable. At any point in time they will be sure to send you all the proper documentation you require to avoid any delays in any of the processes. They both work as an incredible team and there hasn’t been any situation where I have been left out without an answer or a concern pending. This is particularly important with immigration services, when stressful times come and you need an answer to clear any doubts or concerns, and with Aya I have never been disappointed, I knew at any point in time I could count on her and get an answer within the next 24 hours. I have never had to ask if any documentation or confirmation had already arrived, as Aya has always kept me informed as soon as she received any documentation. Especially important, Aya would always give me realistic timeframes on when to expect my paperwork to come through which was very important to me. All the timelines were accomplished as anticipated.

I would high recommend others to meet with Aya if they need help with any immigration services.

Overall I can say my experience has been beyond incredible and I will have no doubt in recommending Aya to my friends and family at any point in time.

Thanks Aya K. Immigration Services for all the wonderful work and wish you all the success in your future endeavours!

K.H.さん 【Permanent Residence: Canadian Experience Class】

I came to Canada as an international student and graduated from 4 years undergraduate program. To obtain Permanent Residency was one of my life-time goals. I started working full-time with Open Work Permit and was looking for an immigration consultant.

I was not sure at the beginning how much difference it would make with consultant services in general. But I am really happy that I decided to go with Aya’s consultation services.

More than anything, it took only 8 month to obtain Permanent Residency under Canadian Experience Class without having any hiccups thanks to Aya’s instructions and professional knowledge (At the time average waiting time was 13 month).

At one point, there was a series of major immigration law changes that I was not sure if my case was affected. She kept informed through out course of the application process and provided much needed expertise and information to answer my concerns.

If it were not for Aya’s competent knowledge and consultations, I could have my application rejected. Thanks to Aya’s services and supports, my dream came true fairly quickly and now I am able to continue my journey in Canada as Permanent Resident. I highly recommend Aya to anyone looking for immigration consultations.

A.K.さん&P.H.さん 【Permanent Residence: Sponsorship】

Thank you so much for all your help. 18 months ago I was pretty worried, as you know, since my wife was only given a 30-day visa (much less than we anticipated). Ever since contacting you my worries about my wife’s PR application have gone away. You made the process painless and straightforward. Your advice was invaluable the whole way through.

So thank you so much for all your help. Having my wife here permanently means so much to me, and I don’t think this would have been possible without your guidance through the process.

If I ever meet someone in a similar situation to what I was in 18 months ago, I will for sure recommend you.

Thanks again for everything.

N.Mさん 【Permanent Residence: Canadian Experience Class】

I initially had a free consultation with Aya to explore my options for a Permanent Residency Application.

I decided to retain Aya based on a glowing recommendation from another client and the impression she left me with after our initial consultation. I felt at ease based on her optimism and professionalism.

I was able to successfully obtain Permanent Residency status without any problems or unforeseen difficulties in around 11 months.

Aya and her team provided a very personal yet highly professional service. I found all her communication and instructions to be clear and concise. She provided me with all the information and documentation I required as well as clearly outlining the steps I needed to take to make my application process as smooth and quick as possible.

I would recommend Aya K. Immigration Services based on Aya’s attention to detail, her professionalism and her friendly personality.

A.Mさん& E.Mさん 【Permanent Residence: Sponsorship】

My wife is Japanese and I’m Canadian, and we looked all around Toronto for different people to help us with our immigration process. As this is a sensitive, expensive and important process for both my wife and I, we were also sensitive to the person that we were doing business with in terms of professionalism and overall courtesy. After several phone calls, Aya was clearly leading the pack, as she simply made us feel comfortable; Her prices were also very reasonable. Our first consultation with her was free, and she accommodated us at the last moment. She’s very professional, straightforward and was incredibly helpful about our situation; we were also looking to get our applications done as quickly as possible. I Imagine this isn’t always the easiest request, however she was again very helpful through the process as well as expedient and tried her best to be flexible. At one of our meetings, we weren’t exactly 100% prepared with the paperwork. But again, Aya was accommodating and gave us a few extra moments to fill out some of the forms that were outstanding during that meeting.

Between my wife and I, she answered all of our questions, pointed out the realities of the situation and made us both feel like we had all of the necessary tools to go forward with a successful application. During the months that we were filling out paperwork and working with Aya, she was quick to answer email concerns from both my wife and I who were not in the same country at those times. In the end, everything was smooth and my wife received her permanent residence card within a very reasonable time. Although she cannot guarantee any time for processing, she still told us the general idea of when things would be finished and what we can expect in the coming months. The only hiccup that we had was that our application was actually approved sooner than we had expected – but that is no fault on Aya.

Overall, we are a happily married couple, and my wife now has permanent residence status. Following the success of these applications, Aya also gave us a quick and free consultation about what we can expect in the future for permanent residence applications, as well as advice should we choose to go towards citizenship for my wife. We were extremely happy with the overall results and process with Aya.

Aya, thank you so much for everything and Good luck to you and your clients in the future.

S.Lさん 【Permanent Residence: Federal Skilled Worker】

I first attempted to file a Federal Skilled Worker Application by myself. However, I made the mistake to use the NOC code from my Work Permit, which was not accurately reflecting my actual occupation and made the reference letter look inconsistent. This, along with other smaller inconsistencies, led to the rejection of my application and I lost a precious time.

We then decided to hire Ms.Kawakita at Aya K. Immigration Services. Ms. Kawakita’s first step was to get to know my personal and professional situations, in order to determine the best possible immigration program.

Then, while putting the application together, Ms. Kawakita not only addressed the typical mistakes, but also hunted down every single inconsistency. She was very careful, thoroughly checking every single detail. She also requested additional (non-mandatory) documentation, in order to strengthen the application.

Ms. Kawakita stressed the central importance of the reference letter and gave clear and detailed instructions as to what must be included.

Each of our appointment was set in a timely manner and each step was perfectly organized and optimized for a rapid processing. Ms. Kawakita is very professional, yet very friendly.

I eventually became a permanent resident in a record time (4 months less than the posted processing time), and the process went smoothly as there were no additional documents required and no concern on CIC’s side.

Looking back, I realized I would have made several mistakes by filing the application by myself. Immigration is probably one of the most important step in one’s life, one for which nothing can be left to chance. I am glad I had such a professional service.

In conclusion, I highly recommended Aya K. Immigration Services!

A.Nさん&J.Mさん 【Permanent Residence: Sponsorship】

We were looking for an immigration consultant and decided to meet with Aya Kawakita at Aya K. Immigration Services. At our first meeting Ms. Kawakita outlined the process of applying for permanent resident status in detail and answered all our questions. Then, when it came to compiling all the forms and documents, Ms. Kawakita was very thorough in checking every detail and pointing out the necessary changes. She also recommended many additional documents to include to help our case. The outcome was that our application was approved without any further requirements or an interview.